TeamOppy Sports

TeamOppy Sports

TeamOppy Sports is a performance analysis app for Football, Rugby, Hurling and Gaelic Football.

Our mission is to provide top class performance analysis software to all levels (youth, adult, amateur, semi-professional, professional) without cost as a barrier.

Performance Analysis

Event Tagging
Video Analysis
Real-Time Dashboard
Pitch Maps
Draggable formations
Multiple Analysts
Team Sharing


TeamOppy Sports is designed based on the principle of bring your own storage. This allows us to focus solely on the application functionality.
To begin with we provide integration with More storage options will be added in the future.


TeamOppy Sports is highly configurable. You can add new Event templates, Charts, Pitch Maps and Dashboard Totals. Also in the event logger you can disable or enable events that you want to use for game tagging.


TeamOppy Sports currently integrates with and for video analysis.
You can create video clips and tag the clips to players and events, along with additional comments. Players and Management can then review the clips in the Timeline.

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