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Frequently asked questions

How do I share the team with my team members?

Go to the Team page, then to the Team Members tab. Add your members email addresses. Then click on the Share button. The team member will receive an email with a shared folder ID. The team member then connects to TeamOppy, goes to the Teams page and clicks on Import Team. Enter the shared folder ID here and then Import.

I have shared the team with the team members but the team members are unable to see the game(s) I have created?

When you create a game it will have a default status of DRAFT. At this point the game is only visible to you and any team members who have edit permission on the team. When you are ready to share the game with the rest of the team members then update the status in the game Details tab to PUBLISHED. The game will then be visible to all team members.

Can I create custom event configurations?

Yes. Out of the box each sport has pre-defined configurations but you can create your own custom ones also. In your team go to the Details tab. Click on the Configuration button/card. In here you can create custom events, totals, charts and pitch maps.

I am only interested in tagging certain events for a particular game. Can I filter what events I see in the Event Logger?

Yes. In the Event Logger page, click on the Config button. Here you can set to active/inactive the events that you want to tag in this game.

Can multiple people tag events for a game at the same time?

Yes, there is no restriction on how many people can tag events simultaneously.

I have CSV files from other event tagging apps. Can I import that data into TeamOppy Sports?

Yes, you can create a game and import your CSV in the Log Manager page. Click the Import Logs button, select your CSV file and then follow the steps to map your CSV file data to the corresponding TeamOppy events. You can save this mapping then for future use to speed up the process.

Do I need to be connected to the internet?

Yes, TeamOppy is a web based application and requires an internet connection.

How much does it cost?

TeamOppy Sports is free for anyone to use. If you would like to support TeamOppy feel free to buy us a !!
Dropbox has a 2GB free storage tier. A typical game would on average use up about 200KB. So that's alot of games on the free storage tier!

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